Shasta Mcnasty

Shasta McNasty, a politically incorrect comedy that premiered on Tuesday, October 5th, at seven thirty; on channel nine. The only thing you will need to enjoy this comedy is an IQ two notches below that of a carrot. If comedy is even the right word to describe this brainless screenplay. The shows main viewers cannot even read so for them this review is worthless. The show has the acting ability of my dead grandfather, the plot of a lima bean on a kitchen counter and creativity worse then the smell of sweaty gym socks.
The actors, if they are even worthy of that title, are so bad that the great actors and actresses of the past are left rolling in their graves. The range of personality types include: a midget, conjoined twins, bouncing bikini babes, three no-life college life guys, a playboy bunny and Gary Coleman. Need I say more? The acting ability resembles the talent I recently saw in the third grade production of "The Little Red Hen." The appearance of the over all cast was not much better. Although, with a screenplay like this one has, I can see how many professionals wouldn't waste their time.
I think that the detestable plot is partly to blame for the obscene turn out in the acting ability. The humor is distasteful, degrading and racist towards handicaps, women, and minorities. In the opening scene a little person contains the job was walking around a Mexican restaurant wearing ethnic outfit and a sombrero that has salsa in the middle and chips resting in the curves around edges. This program contains romance that is unhealthy, controlling and contains quick turn over when sex is involved. The conflict and resolutions are for the feeble minded only. The plot is based upon three college age guys who wander aimlessly through their days without a single economic contribution. They do how ever contribute to the unemployment rate. To sum it up the sitcom lacks any sort of common sense or usable knowledge.
The creativity of this obnoxious screenplay is that of a drunk persons mental capacity.
In conclusion, The screenplay of this sitcom is one in which you will either love, or you will hate. If you are one in which you loved the program please for the nations sake don't discontinue the multiplication of your species.

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