Shaquille O\'neal

Shaquille O\'neal is a person who deserves my admiration and respect. He
is seven feet, one inch tall. At twenty-five years old he is nice, good-natured,
and generous. He is also engaged and has a child.
I talked to Shaquille O\'neal once on the Internet at his web-site. We
talked about him signing a seven year deal with the LA Lakers. I knew him since
his second year with the Orlando Magic about four years ago.
Shaq is a professional basketball player in the NBA. He has also made
two platinum albums in which he expressed his life story. Movies that he has
been in include Blue Chips and Kazaam. Also, Shaq has contributed a lot of time
and money to donations.
Shaq has affected me in many ways. One thing that he has taught me is
that I can do anything that I want if I put my mind to it. He taught me this by
overcoming a hard childhood, moving from place to place because his step-father
was in the military. He had been everywhere from being born in Newark, NJ
moving to Bayonne, NJ then to many others places including Germany. He even
overcame the threat of everyone telling him he would not be able to become a
basketball player to having the highest multi-year contract ever in the NBA.
In conclusion, Shaquille O\'neal a.k.a. Shaq has taught me a lot about
being able to do anything that I want and has been a great influence in mine and
many other peoples lives.

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