Sexuality means the concern with or interest in sexual activity according to the
Oxford Dictionary. The meaning of sexuality changes from time to time, from
land to land, and from people to people. Social historians hold different
points of view about sexuality relating to what the common people are thinking
especially on the relationship between sexuality and mythology. The majority
think that it is impossible to have a sexual history. However, the social
historians state that sexual behaviour and its significance had changed time to
time from their research, and therefore, they believed that sexuality has
history. Sex relationship can be found among the Greek Gods in the Greek Myths.
The Greek myths are an excellent example of the predominance of sexuality on
human creativity. Since the Greek Gods have sexual relationships, there will be
some similarities and differences between the sexuality nowadays according to
the status of both sexes, sexual desire, and sex behaviour.
The sexual desire in ancient Greece and nowadays are quite similar. In
Greek myths, Zeus is a sexually-active person, “It has been estimated that,
besides his legal wife Hera, Zeus had over 100 women.” (Reinhold,80) Poseidon is
also sexually obtrusive. For instance, Poseidon loved Demeter. When Demeter
transformed herself into a mare, Poseidon changed himself into a stallion and
chased after Demeter. Today, the boys always fond of dating many girls who they
love. “From the male\'s point of view there simply aren\'t enough females to go
around with and so a male must compete for sexual success with other sex-seeking
males” (Hutchison,202) They will have sex quite a lot in a short time. In 20th
century, the youngsters are very open-minded to sex and love relationships.
When they like or fall in love with anybody, they will go on a date with their
targets. According to research, 35 percent of teenagers have had sex in 1976.
But in 1985, the total was 58 percent of teenagers who have had sex. This trend
is increasing further. In a statistics of Next Change Magazine, teenagers have
an idea that having sex is an extremely natural phenomena when one has a
girlfriend or boyfriend. Many boys are eager to have both sex with girls which
is the same as what Zeus and Poseidon did in the Greek Myths. Many girls are
also eager to have both sex with boys which just like Aphrodite. She had sex
not only with her husband, Hephaestus, but also her lovers. By the way, some of
the Greek gods will not really indulge in sex, for instance, Hades and Hermes.
Some people still care about their virginity in this present time. However,
some of the eagerness of sex will result to rape. The rate of rape is
increasing because it is quite often to see it from the daily newspaper. In
Greek Myths, Hades once kidnapped Persephone to the underworld and wanted her to
live with him. It is a kind of rape because Persephone is not willing to be
with Hades “Hades seized her forcibly, and took her to his palace under the
earth. Demeter heard her cry of terror, but the rape of Persephone ...”
(Reinhold, 88) Ares attempts to rape Athena too but he fails to do so.
Bisexuality was also practised in Ancient Greece. Apollo is very
attractive because of well-built and good-looking. He fell in love with many
boys and not only women. One of the boys was called Hyacinth. Zeus fell in love
with a handsome Trojan boy called Ganymedes. Zeus brought him to Olympus too.
From these examples, the Greek gods did not care their sex partners form. Their
only concern is to see if they love their targets or not. Bisexuality is also
common based on the statistics in the Next Change Magazine. “Some men think
that women are a tool of giving birth while men are their real love partners and
sexual intercourse happens. What they really want is the care from others. They
love the other man\'s beauty. Those men are either lack love from their wives or
they love another men as a good friend, but their wives will be the long-term
sex partners.” (Next, 35) It reflects that both men in Ancient Greece and this
modern world enjoy the so-called “target” idea. They love to have sex with women
to gain good feelings or to reproduce. But they will not hesitate to date or
fall in love with another male if they find that man is either physically
beautiful or mentally beautiful (love-care) or both.
Incest was frequently practised in Ancient Greece. Zeus married with
his own sister, Hera, and