Settling Down

Different people like to live in different areas. Some prefer urban areas, perhaps because it is close to their work location, or because they enjoy the bright colors and liveliness of the city. Some live in the country, for many reasons, such as because it runs in the family or because they enjoy the tranquility. I, however, would like to "settle down" -- make my permanent residence -- in a suburban area or small town, for living in a suburban area balances out the tranquility of the country and the convenience of the city.

One of the major disadvantages of the city is the excessive noise. Traffic, especially during rush hour, can create much racket. Police, fire engine, and ambulance sirens are very loud and disturbing -- and they are much more common in the city, with a more concentrated number of people. Another setback of living in the city is the pollution. No matter how many environmental acts and petitions the state and city government sign, at present every city has its pollution. Probably the most common type of pollution is air pollution. Motorized vehicles pump out a great amount of pollutants in their exhaust. However, vehicles are nothing compared to the factories, which constantly pump out large quantities of toxic chemicals and other air pollutants. In other words, it is rather unpleasant to live in the city; therefore another area would be much more preferable.

So we examine the possibility of living in the country. It would at first seem ideal, with the peaceful state of environment, and the lush fields stretching out as far as the eye can see. However, the scene is quickly ruined at the thought of the disadvantages of life in the country. One such disadvantage is the inconvenience of working at industrial or technological facilities -- in fact, it is practically impossible! Life in the country forces one to live off the country -- in other words, to be obliged to farm and/or to raise domestic animals. Such life would be a terror to someone with a good education such as myself. Another problem with the country is actually pollution! It would seem that without the factories and traffic of the city, the environment would be clean and green. However, if one considers the pecticides and herbicides sprayed on crops, an unpleasant picture begins to unfold. The toxic chemicals get into the water supply, poisoning the water. The poisoned water not only makes the people sick, but the fish and other life in any nearby water habitats. This causes even more poisoning up the food chain, and eventually more human sicknesses to worry about. In other words, life in the country is far from ideal.

Suburban life, however, is charactrized by the convenient location of an urban home, and the calmness of the country. The problems of each area are either eliminated or greatly decreased. Therefore, life in the small-town is the ideal life, hence I have decided to choose it to be my own.