Setting up a Dummy Corporation

Setting up a Dummy Corporation...

How to get anything you ever wanted for free...

The "system" is a series of checks and balances. It\'s an insiders club and unless you know the rules
or are willing to break them, you\'ll probably never have a pot to piss in. Not....

Where does it say, we have to put up with, read about or watch on TV, the exploits of people like
Donald Trump, Robin Leach or one of the "Kennedy\'s". Personally, I\'m tired hearing about all
their bullshit. Who gives a shit what Hillary or Tipper are wearing either?

When people like "The Donald" make a poor business investment and can\'t pay their bills on time,
what do they do? They renegotiate. Yep, that\'s right. They tell the bank "I can\'t pay" but I\'m such
a fabulous person you should renegotiate my loan. Bullshit!

How fast do you think the bank would have you or me out on our ass? In record time, right?
Money is power and unless you have money you\'re powerless right? Not...

Money is an illusion. Power is an illusion. Both are projected by cunning and affluent people and
organizations to get what they want. And, if they can\'t pay for it, they go bankrupt or renegotiate.
Why should they have all that luxury and not us? Hell, I can default on a loan as well as any of

Almost every company in America will ship you goods on credit if you project the right image, ask
the right questions and have the right answers...People will kiss your ass if they think you have
great wealth. The best resturants will seat you "up front" if they think "you\'re a player". Why not?
Sounds good to me...

Is this method for acquiring material things legal? Hell no! But half the shit Big Brother does to us
everyday isn\'t legal either...Want to ride around town in a big black imported car for free? How
about a brand new Pentium computer for the office? The kids want Mopeds? Nooooooo
problem! Pay attention.

Picking a company name...

What\'s in a name? Business wise it could mean everything...if you want to get over. It also has a lot
to do with what you want to acquire for free. Let\'s say you want to start a new business and need
all-types of office equipment.

You could call yourself "Sal\'s Pizzeria" but that wouldn\'t wash too well when you\'re trying to
establish a $100,000 line of credit. Most credit managers will dump the application in the round file
and require COD cash. Not the best choice of names. How about something like Tri-Star
Industries Intl or RCA Electronics? The idea is to project the image of a big well known company.
Joe\'s Paving Company won\'t work either...think of a large company and play with the
name...something that gives the illusion of being a huge conglomerate like MicroSoft Corporation
but in fact you use Microsoft Labs. Inc. Close but no cigar, get the idea? When you speak with a
salesman you tell him you\'re from MicroSoft...

I know someone who put together a company called Tandy Merchandising. When he applied for
credit with vendors he alluded to being the buying agent for Tandy Corporation (Radio Shack) but
sent purchase orders stating his company was Tandy Merchandising. The greedy salesman always
figure it\'s a subsidiary and try their best to push initial orders through credit in hopes of "getting
the big one". This guy always ordered two dozen "pieces" as a sample order. The list of stings
was impressive. He also always ordered the best model of everything with all the options. Imagine
having two dozen Pentium computers, laser printers, desktop scanners, big screen televisions, fully
blown out stereos with speakers, ect, etc, etc. These things can be turned into easy cash...

The goods you can acquire are only limited by your imagination...lets say you want to open your
own recording studio. No problem. Put together a "wish list" and cut the purchase order. Fax it to
the appropriate vendor and wait for the salesman to call. Oh yeah, I forgot a few things. You\'ll
need to set up first...

Let\'s say for the purposes of this lesson we\'re gonna pick RCA Electronics as our name, not to be
confused (God forbid) with RCA - Radio Corporation of America, the giant who made the radio,
phonographs and television famous. Sounds like a good name to me. Imagine the greedy son of a
bitch salesman at the