Seth Jones
Dr. Jones
Eng 101
14 October 2016
Where would America be without the second amendment?
Chris Kyle was a navy seal sniper and referred to as the most lethal sniper in military history. In 2013 Kyle was killed by Eddie Routh a veteran suffering from PTSD, the death of an American hero struck the hearts of a nation. Chris's widow Taya Kyle pledged "Simply having a weapon did not make him a murderer. His life choices did." (Kyle, Paragraph 19) Tara does not blame the firearm for the death of her husband, yet society sees firearms as the sole problem. Gun-control is a very heavily debated topic in society today and both sides stand strong on their beliefs. Those people who support gun-control envision an America without firearms, even though they serve many roles in a community. The American right to bear arms has been a major part of society since the nation declared its independence. However, some people believe stricter gun-control laws are in order because American's are naturally more violent, crime rates will drop, and anyone is eligible to purchase a firearm.
Pro-gun control activists tend to believe American's are naturally more violent compared to other nations in the world. A recent study by Franklin Zimring and Gordon Hawkins shows that non-gun homicide rates in America are three times higher than in England, where firearms have been banned. This statistic confirms gun-control activist's outcome bias. With this particular bias activist's only focus on the fact that America as a whole has more homicides; but they do not realize those statistics are non-gun related. If firearms are removed from society completely the homicide rates will increase because responsible civilians will have no means of protecting themselves. Criminals will use any means to harm society and the use of firearms is no exception. James Wilson, a professor of public policy at Harvard university, confirms "… the murder rate won't be reduced even if, by some constitutional or political miracle, we become gun-free." As of now there is no way for politicians to completely remove firearms from society; but the idea of gun-control makes it more difficult to obtain guns. In 2013 The Federal Assault Weapons Ban stemmed from the Sandy Hook shooting that took place on December 14, where Adam Lanza entered an elementary school and murdered twenty children and six staff members. The ban was passed even though the assailant did not use an assault rifle this shows another example of outcome bias. The media focused on the victims and ignored the fact that Lanza only used hand-guns, and the firearms were not registered under his name. Gun-control activists used the emotions of a mourning society to promise a solution, because people wanted answers in a tragic event. Banning assault rifles shows the bias a society can have by believing the first piece of evidence they come across and ignore all other factors.
Instances such as Sandy Hook and other gun-related violence will only increase if firearms are banned. Gun-control activists believe crime rates will drop if firearms are removed from society. Guns play a big role in society and all of it is not negative as displayed by the media. How often do people see something positive about firearms on the news? Conceal and carry permit holders are allowed to carry a firearm on them except in gun-free zones, those permit holders prevent over two million crimes in the U.S. every year. Very few if any of those instances are broadcasted to the public. Gun-control activist's belief shows examples of availability heuristic because they overestimate the importance of firearms in a community. Most European countries have banned firearms to the public and since then the robbery and assault rates have greatly increased according to James Wilson (Paragraph 13). When England fire banned firearms BBC reported that the number of gun crimes increased a tremendous amount. Most firearm related crimes involve an illegal possession of that firearm, so removing all legal guns leaves a society vulnerable to criminals. Without firearms America would not be where it is today, guns helped this country declare independence. George Washington, our countries first president and general of the colonial army, declared "Firearms stand next in importance to the constitution