Serial killers

Most people assume that they will be able to spot a serial killer, but they look just like any other normal person would. Some of them even act normal when other people are around but the fact is they have something really wrong. These are some characteristics that serial killers share:

· They always have a plan

· They have an incredible desire for power

· They pick people weaker then themselves to attack (women, children)

· They have calm and controlled personalities

· They are excellent liars and manipulators

· The majority of them are white males

· Most of them attack their own race

Characteristics are not the only thing that serial killers have in common. Many of them became serial killers because of their life took a big turn for the worse. Some reasons why people become serial killers are:

· A corrupt environment

· They inherit fearlessness (then they are not afraid of getting caught)

· They feel no compassion because of their life experiences

· They were physically or mentally abused in their childhood

· They want to dominate others like they were dominated when they were younger

· Wrong genetics or environment

A more common word for a serial killer is a psychopath. Psychopath is a more precise word because it means that the person knows the difference between right and wrong but they do not care. This is the case for most serial killers but some have mental illnesses or have been detached from the world for so long that they do not know the difference from right and wrong. Some do not even know what they are doing when they kill some one. The people who are classified as psychotic do not feel any empathy for anyone. They are unable to understand or experience the thoughts and feelings of other people.

Serial killers pick different people to attack and different ways to attack. Some stories that you hear are very gruesome and very true. They may seem unbelievable sometimes but the fact is that it happens everyday.

In 1987 a nurse named Donald Harvey was just finishing his thirty-fourth murder in the hospital that he worked at. He was always hanging out at the morgue and joking about getting rid of his patients and everyone who worked with him thought he was joking. When sick people in the hospital started dying they thought it was their time to go, but when the number of people that kept dying while Donald was in the building grew to around fifteen, people started to wonder. Most of his killings were “mercy” killing within the hospital but he also killed his neighbour and his lover’s mother. The total amount of people he killed is thirty-four, it is actually believed that he killed around eighty-seven; some deaths in the hospital were hard to tell. His punishment was life in prison.

In the mid 1980’s Javed Iqbal started to attack young children in Pakistan. His attacks would start by strangling the children; he would then cut up the bodies and place the pieces of them in acid. He took pictures of each child before he killed them and sometime he even kept some of their clothes. On march sixteenth 2000 he was sentenced to death the same way he killed the children and the parents of the children would be permitted to watch.

In 1994, John Wayne Gacy was executed by lethal injection for the thirty-three people he murdered. He would plan out each murder weeks before he would see it through. He would start by handcuffing his captive, he would rape them, beat them to a pulp and then offer them a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He then recited verses from the bible and then finished buy strangling them to death. He buried all of his victims under the crawl space under his house, his wife complained of the smell and did not even realize what was going on.

All of the killers get punished I n different ways. Most of them go the death penalty, however in Canada that is not allowed. Clifford Olsen is the most notorious killer in Canadian history. In 1981 he confessed to killing as many as fifty people a crossed Canada. There was never any real evidence for