Sentence Outline on Realism and Naturalism

I. Realism

A. The definition of the Realism is best described by author William Dean

Howell: it is “the truthful treatment of material”.

B. The subjects of fiction in the realistic period were considered to be more contemporary, ordinary and middle class.

C. There are several reasons for the emphasis to change between the Romanticism and realism.

1. Society is one reason the change was so significant

2. Politics is anther reason for changes

3. The triumph of the uprising of the middle class caused great


D. The realists believed that the ordinary man was a darker individual.

E. There were several famous authors during this time period

1. Jules and Edmond Goncourt were famous brothers who wrote

some fantastic stories during this time.

2. Williams Dean Howell was known as an American Realist.

3. Balzac flood of novels set the basic contents of realism.

II. Naturalism

A. The definition of naturalism is a darker version of realism period.

B. The abandonment of the middle class drawing rooms and saw more into the darker depths of the more violent more animalistic side of things.

C. The idea of naturalism stuck more with the middle class more than the concept of realism.

Sentence Outline continued:

D. There were many famous persons who were believed in naturalism.

1. Karl Marx was a famous writer who believed in naturalistic


2. Henry Thomas Buckle was wrote a sensational scientific method

that created a sensation.

3. Charles Darwin’s Evolution Theory shocked the world when its

Theory went against everything everyone had been taught to