Self Evaluation

Self Evaluation:

o My role in the group process was that of a listener and an idea giver. I feel I helped develop all ideas and lend my ideas to others to aid in their progression. I did as much as I could in solving and aiding with all technical and assembly ideas and construction.
o I think I could have put more thought into the beginning ideas for the genre. I think I helped in narrow it down, but I could have given more of my own ideas. I think I could have aided more in the cover and back layout.
o I think I am now a little bit more prepared in working with a large group on collaborative projects. I think I am more familiar with a flap opening book and assembly. I am more aware of assembly problems when a project is in the hands of 11 different people.
Self Evaluation II:

I enjoy the book as it is an assembly of stories on a theme seen from 11 different directions. I feel that the assembly is functioning well with the opening flap giving info leading to the opening spread. I feel all front flaps work well together as a whole due to the limited amount of use of the flap, white space and text, this keeps the book uniform. I think that the layout of the spreads work well, order, flow, and ending. I like the impactful ending of Aprilís spread. I think my spread shows my struggles with text, the progression from my previous spreads that I had to work through. I feel as I see and experience more knowledge and seeing others experiments it aids me in my experiments. I try to research and explore design and type experiments that interest me and are similar to my style to see if I can try something new. I feel this research and knowledge has aided me in my progression in my work. The book as a whole feels comfortable in my hand; it seems to be of a good weight. I like the texture and sheen of the pages. I think there are some shortcomings, but those are in the fact that some spreads are not lining up with the rest of the book. It also appears as if some people showed more experiments in type than others. I think that even in its diversity the spreads look good in the sequence they are in. The variety is what is making it stronger. I would have to say this book I an evolution of imagination in type. It is a glimpse into the minds of eleven people. It is a typography experiment with unity, rhythm, and strong diversity into the view of one theme. It is putting ideas or feelings into a visual field using type and images.