School Boys or Girls?

Are girls smarter than boys, is that what makes them excel in classes every year? During the honors ceremony, the girls out number the boys every year. Somehow, even though their brains don’t have more capacity or horsepower, girls drive the numbers in the honor roll each time report cards are realeased.

I have an older sister that I have followed for the past 8 years of schooling. My sister enjoyed 6th and 7th grade, and even thought they were the best years of school yet: But me, I was totally different. 7th grade was horror for me, One teacher in general. She was definitly not a favorite of many, and wasn’t even close to making it on my favorites list. Sometimes assignments such as reading calendars and almost daily writer’s notebook checks would hit the pages of my assignment notebook. These assignments had a horrible effect on my grade. I had definitly read more than enough that year but somehow I almost failed. Things like this can make or break a grade and usualy crush to bits the grades of boys like me. In general, boys lack organization skills to get good grades a class like this.

Homework, like getting tests signed, reading calenders, and various other pointless assignments need to be scratched. What is homework supposed to do? Bring down grades? Or to inform our parents? NO!!!! Homework is supposed to reinforce facts learned in school or even teach us new things. How does a reading calenders or getting tests signed, teach us anything? We need homework that uses knowledge and helps us learn new things.

Teachers pay way too much attention to organization and have forgotten how to teach facts. Now school is boot camp for organization - not a center of learning. Teachers requirements are high and ridiculous. Like many other boys I have my own way of keeping organized and it works forus, but not teachers! They have one way acceptable; Theirs!!!!! Binders can be up to 20% of your grade this year. This means for me an average B instead of the A I deserve.

Girls are more organized than boys (I admit it). They don’t realize the troubles we go through for teachers binder checks and other organizational “tests”.

If boys are as smart as girls, than why, in the honors ceremony do the girls defeat the boys horrendously in the number of students on the honor roll? Teachers should find a way to equal the ratio of boys and girls on the honor roll and have intellegence acually matter. I consider myself one of the more intellegent students in our school and I SHOULD be going to the honors ceremony but because of the things some teachers focus on I probablely wont.

As some would say, “Teachers are shooting down smart kids” but to me it’s the boys. Our lack of organizational skill makes us lower on the school charts. I almost gave up on school last year because of my grades dropping and I think that is wrong. If teachers pay this much attention to organization than in 50 years we will all be mindless drones sitting at computers following standard procedure on how to keep our desk organized.

Teachers should teach us “stuff” not organize it.

But still, the most practical solution is to scracth binders and organization and change our curriculum to something more worthwhile, That’s actually uses some application of our brain.