Sanay Muhammad Umar Saeed

My name is “Sanay Muhammad Umar Saeed”. “Sanay Muhammad” means, “praise of Muhammad” (peace be upon him) and “Umar” after second caliph of Islam. Saeed is my family name. I belong to noble and mediocre family. The wealth of my family is education that can’t be stolen. I have two elder brothers. One is doctor and other has mastered in computer science. My father is employed in N.D.C. Before coming to COMSATS boarding, I have been living in Wah Cantt since my birth on Dec13, 1984.My caste is “Khan Tanoli” but as a Muslim I don’t believe in castes. My height is 5 feet 9 inches. I am energetic enthusiastic and emotional fellow of 19 years age. I think optimistically and try to prepare myself for any disaster.

I belong to Wah Cantt. One thing, which makes it more prominent, conspicuous and distinguished, is its standard of education and literacy rate. Literacy rate in Wah Cantt is 100%. It is the highest rate of literacy in any region of Asia. There are near about 115 educational institutes with near about 50000 students. Wah Cantt has proved its mettle in both liberal and technical education.

I got admission to F.G Public School Wah Cantt, which is a well-known school there. I got distinction in my early classes and achieved the scholarship of Federal Board in primary level. I got my scholarship from Pakistan Ordnance Factories in middle and matriculation level, where my father was working. I secured 700 marks in matriculation and got third position in the school.

Then on the suggestion of my teacher I applied in Rawalpindi for the sake of admission in F.Sc in pre-engineering. I got admission in F.G SirSyed College Rawalpindi. A view of Rawalpindi Sirsyed

It is one of the renowned colleges of Pakistan for its excellent result. Every year it gets distinctions in the Federal Board. The faculty here is highly qualified and experienced. I learnt to work hard and cleared my concepts about science subjects like Physics and Chemistry. But I was restricted to secure 833 marks because of my ailment of jaundice. My teachers gave me confidence to deal with others. I was very sad while leaving behind my respected and affectionate teachers.

I wanted to be a computer or electronic engineer. I applied in the national university of science of technology and got admission there in the field of Mechatronics. I rejected to take admission there. I also got admission in the University of engineering technology Taxila in the field of civil engineering but I was still not satisfied. Then I applied in COMSATS INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. I took the entry test for the field of electronics engineering. at last I got admission in the field of electronics by the will of Allah. I got 3rd position and got my admission on sponsor ship in the field of electronics, which I longed for. Now I am trying to get my degree in maximum percentage with the help of supportive teachers here.


My hobby is reading books from my childhood. I started reading storybooks from the very age of seven years. I got this hobby from my cousin, who used to give me storybooks from the library. Because of reading books other than those of course books I was good at Urdu. I kept on reading books and got some books of Islamic literature. I read a lot of books on Islam in my uncle’s home. He has a large collection of books in his home. He has done masters in islamiyat and Arabic. I have read Seera Tun- Nabi by Shibli Naumani and Sulman Nadvi.

I have also got a habit of watching television. I like the channel most is national geographic. It is a kind of educational channel. It educates people about the culture, wild life and documentaries on hot topics like Talibans of Afghanistan. While watching this channel you think you are traveling with the program maker. It also has documentaries programs on scientific researches, which are now taking place in different parts of world. It is actually English Channel but for the people of India. It is dubbed in Hindi, which resembles Urdu. My another hobby is to visit websites relating