Saint Anthony

I choose Saint Anthony of grave diggers to be my saint of choice. I chose Saint Anthony because he was a very noble figure. Saint Anthony lived the life of a peasant, after he fully accepted to give all of his belongings away, Because even though Saint Anthony had it all for him he was willing enough to give it all away this truly intrigues me that someone would do something like that to get closer to God. Another reason I chose Saint Anthony is because it was the saint my grandfather chose, it reminds me of him even though he is no longer with me physically.

Saint Anthony was born in Egypt in the year 251 to wealthy Christian parents. However, at an early age has parents deceased, leaving his sister and himself alone with him in charge of the large estate left behind. A short while after his ascension to ownership of the large estate Saint Anthony heard a passage from the gospel saying “Go sell what thou hast and give it to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven.” This passage not only drew Saint Anthony closer to God but pushed him further into the light of god. Because of this passage Saint Anthony gave most of his inheritance and belongings, keeping enough for him and his sister. Later he gave the rest away and placed his sister into a convent and decided that his own fate lied in the hermit life. Like Jesus Saint Anthony lived within the wilderness. During Saint Anthony’s journey he prayed, fasted, and stayed close to God. For the many years that Saint Anthony lived in the wilderness, he was opened to temptation and torments that the devil placed before him. However, through his will power and love for God Saint Paul resisted all of them, and eventually the devil gave up. In Saint Anthony’s journey many people came to him for guidance. Saint Anthony later formed the Phaium monastery.

For most of Saint Anthony’s life he lived in solitude and seclusion, he died at the age of 105yrs old alone on January 17, 356. I look up to Saint Paul because of the model he provides for me. I often see myself unable to avoid temptation, not to mention how hard it is for me to deny it. Saint Paul is a figurative model to me in a sense that he gave up all his rich possessions in order to come closer to God. Saint Anthony lived a very noble life, choosing to live as a hermit. I wonder at times if I would be able to do the same giving up all my belongings and living the way that Saint Anthony did.