Safe Drivers or Roadway Hazards

English Composition 1

July 2, 2004

Most people believe that they are safe drivers, while a few are incapable of driving safely. Safe and capable is how most senior citizens can be viewed, however there are some exceptions. A simple retesting of senior citizens driving capabilities make the roads safer. Senior citizens sixty‑five and over must be allowed to drive only if they can pass a second driving test. By having these tests other drivers feel more secure and it also helps keep elderly drivers safe.

Roadway laws have changed greatly in the past years, and retesting brings all senior citizens up to date with the current laws. Retesting proves to be an efficient and effective way to reduce accidents on the road. The retest of driving abilities is not to take away the independence of senior citizens, but is used as a safety precaution. Driving is a critical issue for seniors and for this country. Right now older drivers are more likely to get in multiple vehicle accidents than younger drivers, including teenagers. The elderly are also more likely to get traffic citations for failing to yield, turning improperly, and running red lights and stop signs, and indicating decreased driving ability. The elderly, as good of drivers as they have been, do not have the proper attention and reaction time it takes to keep an automobile safely on the road. This is problem that affects everybody everyday. With some of these people still driving it creates a definite hazard not only to other drivers but also pedestrians on the roads.

Many seniors also have trouble with their vision. Even with breakthrough medical technology, so many older people still refuse to get help and many even deny that they have problems seeing. This is obviously another huge problem which makes driving so dangerous. With the right laws passed this can become a non‑issue.

The retesting of senior’s driving skills is definitely a serious concern and something needs to be done about it for the sake of other drivers and citizens. Senior Citizens need support in this case. Retesting is the best option and must be made a law. This is the only way to make sure the roads are safe for everyone.