“Run Forest…Run”

Advanced English Composition II

“Run Forest,… Run”
Life is like a box of chocolates, Forrest. You never know what you\'re gonna get"

-Forrest Gump\'s Mum

The movie called “Forest Gump” starts from the falling feather. I was thinking about this feather during whole first part. Why feather? I am still thinking about it. Forrest Gump is a brilliant movie! I enjoy it every time I see it, and I still enjoy seeing it. But why exactly feather? “Forrest Gump” was released by Paramount Pictures in 1994 and directed by Robert Zemeckis from a screenplay by Eric Roth, based on the Winston Groom novel. The picture won six Academy Awards in 1994 including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor for Tom Hanks who held the lead role. But still in which connection with the movie a falling feather??!

Here is my opinion about that. To my mind this feather symbolize the life of a man. Humans are flying during whole life. Sometimes they are falling, sometimes they are flying up. Sometimes there is a strong wind blowing on them and they are flying after it. Some people trying to hide away from this wind, and for others it is a big pleasure to follow it. There is no guaranty that you will be saved but is it a big deal? And in “Forest Gump” people are not the owners of their lives, they are just following the wind. And here is a good expression of Forest’s mum: “You have to do the best with what God gave you.” If you have something that is called a great desire in your heart than the strong wind will be just a small breath for you!

Sitting at a bus stop, Forrest Gump starts to take to those around him and tells a story of his life to date. His is a fairly unremarkable life that spans recent history. It begins with his childhood in Alabama and his growth from humble beginnings to take part in many memorable events in recent American history. All the American history is involved in this movie and most of them are related to Gump coincidentally.

May be one thinks Gump is foolish, but in my opinion he is just frank, honest, kind, and normal guy. He is not good at people skill. Because he does what he thinks is right and doesn\'t do what he thinks is wrong.

Lt. Dein: So where are you boys from?

Forrest Gump, Bubba: Alabama, sir!

Lt. Dein: You guys twins or something?

Forrest Gump: No sir, we are not relations.

(Funny, isn’t it?)

In my paper I would like to mention the war that take place in the movie. Because that scene and next after that are my favorite. This is the war in Vietnam.

Forest Gump graduated college, and got into the army. The first thing he said in the army was to present himself to the man who drove the bus. I think Forrest was surprised by the rudeness that met his in the army. But Forrest was never afraid of anything that might scare him. He thought he was made for the army. He just had to do what he was told to do. And he did make a brilliant soldier too. He put a gun together on a new army record:

Drill Sergeant: Gump! Why did you put that weapon together so quickly, Gump?

Forrest Gump: You told me to, Drill Sergeant.

Also on the bus, the only one who would sit with Forrest was this black guy named Bubba.

Bubba was like Forrest. They were both a bit simple-minded, and they made best friends in the army.

Because of his skills as soldier, Forest was sent to the Vietnam War. And there he met his lieutenant Dien. Dien liked Forrest and Bubba. They were so like each others that Dien joked about them two being twins. Forrest and Bubba did not see the joke in that, and declined that rumor.

I think Forest liked Vietnam. The troop with Forest was walking through the wood (even when raining) and during this walk Forest enjoyed with nature and new friend.

Once, when the rain stopped, the Vietnamese ambushed them. The whole troop had to retreat. Many of the men were shot. Forrest did like he had promised Jenny.