Roswell Incident


This Essay is a descriptive reconstruction of one spectacular incident in
Roswell, New Mexico. Almost fifty years ago, an incident occurred in the
southwestern desert of the United States that could have significant
implications for all humankind. The incident was announced by the U.S. military,
and denied by the U.S. military; it has remained covered-up in the government
for the past fifty years. It is not a false claim, but rather a known event that
is thoroughly documented. It is the objective here to summarize the details of
the events and interviews of that event, affirm the right of all people
throughout the world to know the truth about what occurred, and propose a course
of action that will allow the truth to emerge.

The Roswell Incident, which enlightened our minds to the capacity of
excepting all, has remained one of the most controversial issues today. In
Roswell, New Mexico, 1947, a strange occurrence arises. An alien craft from
outer space crashed in an open field. The issue lay still for almost fifty
years, until the thought of a government cover-up arose. Society’s opinions
have changed over the years. Previous to the 1990’s, people have despised the
thought of sharing the universe with other intelligent life forms. Now people
are interested in this mysterious phenomenon. The government has always, in the
past, tried to keep any sign of aliens, whether it be pictures from space, to
crashes on earth, to a low or nonexistent level. Just recently has the
government been harassed to the point where they actually gave us clues to alien
existence. It has in some ways been believed that the government has worked in
partnership with popular movie directors, to produce alien movies to ease the
thought that we may not be alone. Such movies as “The Arrival” and the
ever-popular “Independence Day” are very good examples of well convincing
alien movies. If this is true, they did a good job, because statistics state
that 75% of people today believe that there are some kind of intelligent life
forms besides ourselves in the universe.

What really happened at Roswell

A local New Mexico rancher, MacBrazel, while riding out in the morning to
check his sheep after a long night of thunderstorms, discovered a considerable
amount of debris. It created a gouge several hundred feet long and was scattered
over a large area. Some of the debris had strange physical properties. He took
some debris to show his neighbors then his son. Soon after that he notified the
sheriff. The sheriff then contacted the authorities at Roswell Army Air Field
Base. The area was closed off and the debris was eventually flown by B-29 and
C-54 aircraft to Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio. The New York Daily News article
said in that time, “...either conclusive proof extraterrestrial have indeed
visited earth, or one of the most elaborate hoaxes ever perpetuated on the
public...” Besides the wreckage that was found, there were three objects which
were highly debated about. Three bodies, two found dead, the other died in a
couple of weeks. Whether or not the bodies were actually found, is only
determined by the few witnesses who claim to have seen the bodies. A few of
these people turned out to be very highly respected military officers. Some
people say that the bodies were human which have been exposed to the radiation.
This radiation could have been caused, due to nuclear weapons that Roswell Army
Air Base had been testing, since they were at the time the only squadron, which
had authorization to nuclear weapons. This theory was discounted by most, saying
that this kind of deformation would have caused a human being to die before such
damage could occur.

The government has been blamed with covering up this whole event. They have
been claimed to have shipped off the wreckage to Dayton, Ohio, to avoid
publicity. Which is normal, to prevent a worldwide panic. The bodies however,
were not as lucky to have not become public, yet. The government has, and will
always say that the wreckage found was a secret spy balloon. The people who have
seen the wreckage, and believe that\'s what it was, describe it as a bundle of
tinfoil, broken wood, beams, and rubber remnants of a balloon. Most discount
this because, why would the government be messing around with balloons, if they
were exploring the characteristics of jet fighters. Yes, the wreckage did seem
like tin foil, at first, until you

held the material, which if you bent, twisted, and did anything you dreamed
up of, would still return to its original