Romeo and Juliet Planning

English- Planning

Task- how does Shakespeare’s presentation of characters Romeo & Juliet en able the audience to ‘believe utterly in their love?’

In my coursework I am going to include the following: -

Ø Introduction

Just briefly introducing my coursework. I will include a description of Romeo and Juliet’s backgrounds and personality.

Ø Following points

I must include which scenes/line I gathered the quotes from.

Point such as

- ‘She is o so beautiful’- No other women compares to Rosaline .etc

I will include a large number of quotes to support my suggestion, and use as evidence.

Important things to include-

Ø At first Romeo loves Rosaline, then after a day falls in love with Juliet at a Capulet party. (Coincidence)

Ø However Paris wants to marry Juliet but she doesn’t want to marry him. (Linked to Romeo’s love for Rosaline, who doesn’t love him back.

Ø Romeo falls instantly in love with Juliet, even though they have never met before.

Ø Romeo approaches Juliet and kisses her twice- she likes it. However Romeo finds out that she is the daughter of a family enemy, but doesn’t stop loving her.

Ø By the end of scene 5 they both love each other, but they both see the impossible situation. Juliet is inexperienced in love, at the age of 13, so she may have mistaken love too quickly.

Ø In Act 2 scene 2 Romeo describes to how much he loves Juliet. Also at this point Juliet is willing to deny her family in order to be with Romeo, ‘be but sworn my love and I will no longer be a Capulet.’ Romeo is also prepared to deny his family for her. They both decide to get married but in secret.

Ø In scene 3 Romeo goes straight to Friar Lawrence to plan wedding.

These will be followed through out my coursework

I am also going to include Metaphors, irony and provide them with evidence to support my quotations. My own personal view will also be included.