Romeo and Juliet: Fate

Throughout Shakespeare\'s tragedy Romeo and Juliet, fate manifests itself
causing the destruction of many lives. Fate drastically affects the lives of
Romeo, Juliet, and Tybalt throughout the tragedy. Destined to bump into the
servant, Romeo discovers the Capulets party. Romeo goes to find Rosaline at
Capulets party yet fate leads him to meet Juliet. He wants the outside power
that rules his life to "steerage [his] course and direct [his] sail" (Act 1,
Scene 5, Pg. 403) for he thinks that fate will lead him in the right direction.
The vision Romeo sees in his dream "that his lady found him dead" (Act IV, Scene
I, Pg. 463) foreshadows that fate brings Romeo to his death. Likewise, Juliet\'s
life and her relationships are predetermined by fate. Juliet goes to the party
to meet Paris yet fate brings Romeo and Juliet together on first sight which
intensifies the deadly conflict between the Montague\'s and the Capulets.
Finding Romeo dead yet his "lips [still] warm," (Act 5 scene 3 page 471)
Juliet\'s untimely awakening led her to kill herself. The lives of Romeo and
Juliet as well as that of Tybalt are influenced by fate. Alarmed that Romeo
came to the party, Tybalt destiny leads him to challenge Romeo to a duel where
"Tybalt falls dead." (Act III, Scene 1, Pg. 430) Destiny determines the strong
bond between Romeo and Juliet yet their death is the consequence of their
powerful love. Tybalt\'s death is also a consequence of ill determined fate. As
fate grows throughout the characters lives, it eventually takes over and leads
to death.

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