Romeo and Juliet: Fate?

Why was Romeo`s love for Juliet terminated. Fate or not? Well they met at the
royal ball of the montigues until Romeo noticed Juliet. Finally they kissed and
were a couple. They had Friar Lawarence to help them to be married since they
were capulet and Montigue the worst enemies. Tybalt was killed by Romeo in a
fight on the street and Romeo was banished for life from Verona never to be seen
of or heard of again. Romeo resulted to Friar Lawerence for aid. As did Juliet.
The Friars plan was to give Juliet a drug to make it look as though she was
dead and yet she wasn`t. Romeo finally went to get his bride to be not getting
the letter about the plan and is devistated of the news that his love was dead.
Finally they meet as Romeo stabbs a dagger into his heart because life couldn`t
go on any longer. Juliet finally awakens and sees that Romeo is dead and kills
herself as well. Fate was a very big factor hear and for the rest of the two
families hopefully this wrongful deed will clear up any mishaps they have
towards one another. Friar Lawrence shows up at the scene relizing what has
happened and what he has done.

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