Roman government is exactly like ours today.

The Roman government is not exactly like ours today.

The Romans had emperors that did not exactly exist at the start of the empire, but then the Romans felt that one man was needed to be the leader of the empire.

Julius Caesar was not just a ruler but a dictator as well.

Romans did not want one man to make all of the laws, so that is when they deeded to split the power of the government between three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial branch.

The executive branch- two leaders of the branch, the consuls, were elected for one year by the upper class. They supervised the senate and ordered the Roman army during wars. Other member of the executive branch was tax collectors, mayors, and city people in positions of power in cities.

The legislative branch- the senate ran most of the legislative branch, the senate was a group of 3oo male citizens, they could tell the counsels how much money they were allowed to spend and what to spend it on. These senates were appointed by the counsels.

The judicial branch- had six judges who got elected every two years, they were in charge of deciding punishments that the people who committed crimes would receive.

You were not allowed to vote until you were an adult. Only men who owned land were allowed to have a say in the laws.

Today we do not have emperors and not one man alone is allowed to make up the laws.

Our president today is nothing close to a dictator.

Our executive branch of today handles much more and there are more departments such as the agriculture department, commerce, defense, education, health and human services, housing and urban development, interior, justice, labor, state, treasury, and veterans.

Our legislative branch- creates or passes laws, we have senates that are women and there are over 100 senators.

Our judicial branch- consists of the U.S Supreme court, “Court of Appeals, “District Courts, “Bankruptcy Courts.

The US Supreme Court consists of the Chief Justice and eight associate justices by Congress, and each year it hears a small number of cases it is asked to decide.

The Court of Appeals is separated into 12 regional circuits, each the United States court appeals. It has nation wide jurisdiction to hear specialized cases, such as patent laws and cases decided by the Court of Internal Trade and the Court of Federal Claims.

The U.S. District Court is the trial court of the federal court system. It has jurisdiction to hear almost all categories of federal cases. There are 94 judicial districts, and there is one district in each state.

Bankruptcy cases cant be filed in state court. The purpose of it is to give an honest debtor a new start, and to repay creditors.

Today women are allowed to vote. And the legal age to vote is at 18.

There are a lot of ways that the Roman Government is not like the United States Government.

We have not fallen!!!