Roman Architecture

The arch, both beauty and function. Without it, architecture would not be what it is today. The Romans introduced the arch and concrete to the world. These are now the building blocks for our buildings today.

In roman architecture, the arch was used to symbolize, and it was used for functionality. It was used to demonstrate a great military victory. It was used to support the massive aqueducts. It was used at Hadrian’s Villa, to adorn the waterside with beauty. It was used to create tunnels, and vaults.

The Colosseum was a magnificent structure, rising over 160ft from the ground. The arena was over 29,000 sq feet, with a series of underground tunnels and doors for putting on shows.

I found it very interesting that over the entire length of the aqueduct system in France, it only drops 54 feet from the beginning to the end, a stretch of over 30 miles. The decline is a constant 1 in 3,000.