Richard Cory

Eng 151

March 1st , 2004

For this week’s response, I chose Edwin Arlington Robinson’s poem "Richard Cory"(130). I chose this poem because I enjoyed the way the poem unfolded and lead to the most unexpected twist at the end.

Richard Cory was thought to be a "gentleman from sole to crown" by the townspeople. People in the downtown admired his looks; he was professional, fit, and he spoke with a grace of educated individual. How could a privileged person put a bullet through his head? Richard Cory made people believe he had everything that made a person happy. He was thought to be a perfect person everyone wanted to be. What was Richard Cory missing in his life that made him make such a decision? Maybe Richard was missing close friends‑for someone with such strong financial and social background like Richard Cory, it was really hard to find a friend on the same social level. Was it the reason for Richard Cory’s misery.

Does money bring us happiness in life? To a certain extent, yes. people need money to survive‑pay for the roof over their heads. But money is not everything in this life. People need companionship, friendship, and love to support themselves emotionally.

This poem made me realize that money could not only make a person happy, but kill them as well.

Missy James, Alan P.Merickel. Reading Literature And Writhing Arguments. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458. 2002.