Rich, Knowledge, Power Which would you choose

Rich, Knowledge & Power.... Jason D.

If I had to choose between being rich & fame, having great knowledge or power, I would choose knowledge. I would choose knowledge over the rest because if I had a lot of knowledge then it would be easier to pass exams in school, and learn things easily and quickly that would lead to a good job which would lead to rich. If i get good at that job then I may even become famous, and with all that i would have power. Choosing knowledge over the others is also better because being wise and not making bad choices in life etc... would change your life in good direction. Like Albert Einstein if you had lots of knowledge you could think of things and figure out things nobody else could. Also I would choose knowledge because being smarter in figuring things out, would be much better then being rich because if you had knowledge you wouldn\'t need to be rich.
If i was extreamly smart, I could build an invention that would probably help mankind. I could maybe devolp a cure for dieases, or make a new transportation vehicle that would not be pollutive to the enviroment. I may even may make something that would help re-juvinate the depleted ozone layer or improve surgical technics. So if I could be smart then i could someday think of something that may help the world and to me that would be much better then being famous for being rich or to have a power.
If I was smart I could also see some bad points to being extreamly smart. If I was too smart then nothing in my life span would be a challenege. Everything would be so easy to finish or accomplish because i\'d already know how to do it. Being smart would also be bad because you wouldn\'t learn new intreasting things like how a car works, or even being excited by going on your first roller coaster ride because you would already know the motion you would be going at and the velocity so you\'d already know what to expect.
In conclusion, If I had to choose something over all three things, rich & fame, knowledge, power I would choose knowledge but to know too much knowledge would be bad.

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