Review: The Client

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John Grisham is known for his suspenseful writing and he does not disappoint his readers with his new novel The Client. Grisham takes the knowledge he gained from his experiences as a lawyer and puts them into his novel to give the reader a true sense of what’s going on. Grisham is an outstanding writer because he uses what he knows and notifies people on what the facts are. He shows how attorney/client relationships are formed and how they can involve into more then just an attorney/client relationship. The Client shows the relationship between Mark and Reggie turn into more of just Reggie being Mark’s attorney and Mark being Reggie’s client. By the end of the story Mark and Reggie consider each other friends and they love each other like family. Grisham takes the experiences that he had when he was an attorney and put them into his writing. Grisham writes about things that could actually happen and that are believable. Grisham is the type of person who knows what his readers like and what they like to read and he gives them what they want.

If you are the variety of person who likes not knowing what is going to happen next then you will vastly take pleasure in reading The Client by John Grisham. Grisham takes you though a lot of different aspects in a court case and you never know what to expect. Grisham gives you about four different views of this murder case that is going on surrounding this 11 year old boy named Mark Sway. Grisham shows the reader how Mark feels about being the center of attention and how he feels about everyone who is involved include the people who are trying to help and think they know what’s best for Mark. Grisham also shows the reader how Mark’s attorney Reggie feels about Mark and

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when he lies to her. It shows how she feels about Reverend Roy Foltrigg and what he is trying to make Mark

do. Grisham continues to show another persons point of view through Reverend Roy Foltrigg. It shows how Foltrigg feels about Reggie as well as Mark and how he feels about all the attention he is getting from the press. Then lastly Grisham show how Barry the Blade feels about being accused of murder even though he knows he’s guilty. Grisham also shows how Barry feels about Mark knowing what he did and where he put the evidence and how he feels about Foltrigg. Grisham gives you a sense of suspense that you wouldn’t get in other stories by showing you all the different aspects of the main characters.

This story is very well written with its many aspects of suspense but there are a couple points in the story that seems as though they are just access baggage. The story involves Mark saying he fell in love with the nurse Karen and Karen isn’t a big part in the story and she really isn’t needed in the story and the story wouldn’t be hurt if she was taken out. It feels as the parts with Karen slow down the story and has you asking why was it even in the story in the first place. There are also several slow points in the book. In the beginning when the cop is questioning Mark he just keeps asking the same questions over and over again. The cop slows the story down by not letting you get really involved in getting the story to the main plot of the story. Besides those few points that seem to drag the story on and slow it down the writing and suspense are good.

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The novel The Client is a well-written story about a boy who gets himself into some unexpected trouble all from smoking a cigarette. It has suspense that will draw the type of reader that enjoys that type of story. I would recommend this novel to readers who either enjoy a good suspense novel or enjoy a novel that shows all of the views of all

the main characters. I would not recommend this novel to those readers who enjoy romance novels or who just want a story that gets right