Review Questions
Describe war films and give at least one example. What characteristics are generally present in war films?

War films are a type of film genre that takes place in the war that can either be based on a true story /event or made up to entertain the audience. An example of this would be Saving Private Ryan . The characteristics that are generally present in war films are what could ha ppen to the people who are fighting in the war and the people who are there during the wartime and scenes of the war that could be intense for the people to cause them to have strong feelings of what could happen to them or the other people fighting in the war with them.

What factors or characteristics define genres? Describe at least three different characteristics and how they influence a film's genre.

The factors or characteristics that define genres are the theme, style, and setting. The theme influences a film's genre when the film shows the audience of what the film is about that could entertain the audience. The style influences a film's genre when everything that happens in the film is presented. The setting influences a film's genre when the film that takes place in that location of its history and environment.

Describe slapstick films and give at least one example. What characteristics are generally present in slapstick films?

Slapstick films is a su bcategory of a comedy film that involves one or more people doing their own body movement to entertain the audience by making them laugh. An example of this would be a film star named Charlie Chaplin. The characteristics that generally present in slapstick films are facial expressions and silly body movements.

Why is it beneficial to know a film's genre? 

It is beneficial to know a film's genre because producers can make a film on that film genre for the audience to know about and willing to see. It is also because the audience would know what type of film genre they want to see and would be interested in watching a film of that film genre.

What characteristics help make horror films scary? Imagine that you are directing a horror film. What aspects would you include or manipulate in your film to make it more terrifying? Think about aspects such as the script, setting, lighting, and so on.

The characteristics that help make horror films scary is the dark setting, death of one person or more, the creature or killer that can be seen or unknown that comes to haunt that particular person or a group of people, the scream or scare that comes out of that person, and the creepy and scary music. The aspects that I would include or manipulate in my film to make it more terrifying is the script, setting, sound, and angle. The script should have characters having a normal life then something bad happens to them causing them to be scared. The script should have a person being killed or more. Then the other people have to conquer what was haunting them in the first place. The script should have an ending that can cause the people who are alive to live happily ever after or something mysterious is going to happen. The setting should take place some place dark to have a scary feeling to the characters and the audience. The sound should have music that is haunting of what could happen to the characters. The shot should be in the person's point of view.

Critical Thinking Questions
Why do you think comedies are popular with modern audiences?

I think comedies are popular with modern audiences because they make the audience laugh that can cause them to be happy. It would be some kind of entertainment for them to enjoy. Comedies have the characters saying funny things like jokes, puns or made up phrases. The characters also do funny things to make the audience laugh. This type of film genre makes the audience have some humor in them.

Why is historical accuracy a concern of directors who create historical films? 

Historical accuracy is a concern for directors who create historical films because they would