Research Non-Verbal Communication Using Structured Observation

Question: Between Abe and Patrick’s 7 classes, who- between male and female students- completes their day-to-day work more often, throughout a 4 day period?

Hypothesis: We think that the female students observed will have completed their work more often than the males because they tend to be more studious, focused on school work, and concerned about their grades than male students.

Data Gathering: Patrick and Abe will both bring the chart to their 4 classes throughout the day for four days (Anthropology will naturally have the same results). We will then ask the students (and teacher, if need be) which students have completed the necessary work for the day, whether it be home or class work that has been assigned. The names of the students observed will remain confidential, and the results recorded as a percentage of the amount of students out of each sex group have completed their work.