Every country in the world is full of millions of diverse people as well as many distinct religions. Events in the past have brought the question in people’s minds “What is the relationship between the religion of our political leaders and their ability to govern wisely?”. It seems that this question is only raised when the country is suffering through matters that concern the government such as by laws or economic decisions. There will always be a place for religion in government by depending on what country you’re living in but religion should not be the main reason. For example, if you’re living in a country where the majority of the people’s religion is Islam then most likely much of the government will be of leaders whose religion is Islam though it should not stop them on having other religions part of government matters.

The people’s roles in the government should not be based on religion but on how they perform. A person could recognize the beliefs of many religions or none but either way religion is a personal belief. It shouldn’t be that government’s favor one religion over another.