Reinforcement Strategies and Effective Instruction for Students with Emotional Behavioral Disorders

Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (SED 504)

There are several characteristics for children with emotional behavioral disorders. I will discuss two of those characteristics for this paper. The two characteristics which I will stress on are “an inability to learn, which cannot be explained by intellectual, sensory, or health factors, and an inability to build or maintain satisfactory interpersonal relationships with peers and teachers” (Emotional Behavior Disorders). So taking these two characteristics into consideration, what are some reinforcement strategies and effective instruction that can be used to help children learn academically and sociably?

There are several general strategies that teachers can use to help children with EBD learn and become sociably adequate. One very important strategy is that Teachers and parents can talk to their student and child about others with or almost the same disability as the child in question. Another important strategy for a teacher to use is to talk to child’s previous teachers and find out what strategies they used that seemed to be effective. Place the child with peers who are demonstrating adequate behavior, who doesn’t mind helping the student in question, since targeted behaviors can help students master them better master them than just talking about them. Encourage this behavior with the other students, encourage them to be friends with the students with EBD. The teacher and parent needs to establish consequences for behaviors and administer those immediately after the behavior. If the child with EBD is having problems in the classroom, allow him/she to have a time out or break from the classroom. One very important strategy for the well being of the child in question is to respect the child and acknowledge their contributions. Help the child to replace inappropriate behaviors with appropriate behaviors. Provide encouragement and praise to the child and all children for that matter as much as possible (Strategies…).

In a nutshell, Teachers should focus on positive reinforcement and behaviors not inappropriate behaviors. Teachers and parents alike should remember all children want to be disciplined, encouraged, praised and have friends, its just we have to work a little harder with children who have EBD. All children, no matter who they are, or what they have are worthy of our attention, care and praise. Children with EBD are worthy of the same opportunities as children without EBD. It might just take a little bit more of our time to reach children with EBD. Aren’t children with EBD worth our time and care? I believe they are.


Emotional And Behavioral Disorders

Strategies for Teaching Students with Behavioral Disorders.