On October tenth I read in the Washington post that, since the beginning of the Kosovo crisis, approximately 300,000 people have become refugees. The majority of these refugees want to come to the United States. On CNN one of the reporters stated said, "Currently, there are about 3.5 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. And each year an additional 300,000, about the population of Tampa, Florida, flow through the U.S. borders. Senators, support my bill for the following three reasons:
1. These immigrants cannot survive in our economy.
2. They may resort to a life of crime because they cannot survive nor support themselves by any other means.
3. Refugees drain our economy.
Moving to my first point, these refugees cannot survive in our economy. They probably donít have any skills that could earn them a job that would earn them money to support themselves. These immigrants more than likely cannot speak English and will have trouble finding jobs to support themselves. They also may not be able to understand the American dollar and how it works.
Moving to my second point, immigrants may resort to a life of crime because they cannot get good legal jobs to support themselves. The Policy Committee states that, "Approximately 25% of federal prison inmates, and up to 40% of the inmates in some state prison systems, are deportable aliens. " This adds up to a minimum of 100,000 criminal aliens known to be in the United States-- yet we deport slightly 25,00 every year.
And my third point, we will have to pay money to teach them English and pay for other welfare services. The single largest cost is the roughly $3.1 billion spent each year to educate children of illegal immigrants. In California alone, taxpayers pay some $2 billion in state funds for the education of illegal immigrants. Healthcare and the cost of imprisoning illegal immigrants drains another billion dollars a year. The policy-making arm of the House Majority says that, "Polices drawn up in Washington have helped encourage illegal immigration. Taxpayer-funded incentives in the form of welfare and other benefits now far outweigh the minuscule risk of staying in this country illegally."
In conclusion, senators we should not allow any refugees to come to our country unless they have skills that we need. The Saturday October tenth Washington post says that, "The United States is in a delicate place on the perennial humanitarian issue of admitting foreign refugees." I think that we have no obligation to subject our time and money to helping people that benefit us in no way. They actually take away from our society.