Recalling A Place

Recalling a Place

I walked up to the Euclid Tavern and noticed a huge pink fluorescent sign displaying the
word liquor above the doorway. I opened the graffiti covered door and was
immediately overwhelmed with the stench of cheep beer and cigarette smoke. I looked
to the right of me and noticed an enormous bar, stretching about 100 feet with people
crowded around every stool. Directly in front of me was a long hallway that led to an
uncontrollable mass of people. To my left was a stage with a very loud band
performing. All that I could hear was the constant throbbing of bass and drums. This
very unpleasant sound was drowning out every other sound of the band which annoys
me anyway. To top it all off, the band playing was horrible. What I could make out of
the lyrics was very meaningless and juvenile. The guitar part was not demanding at all.
And the bass and drums were incredibly too loud. I ventured through the
uncontrollable mass of people to discover what was at the end of the hallway. After
working my way though the chaos I discovered a nearly empty room with two pool
tables, a couch, and a bunch of chairs. I began to shoot pool when I heard someone
scream my name. I turned around and it was my friend who happens to be the
drummer for the next band. I came to see his band so I hung out in the back room with
him until he went on. While I was in the back room, many unusual situations were
taking place. First of all There was a half naked couple about to show each other how
much they loved each other on the couch. Then I noticed a man that looked as that he
was homeless injecting a needle into his arm and shaking subtly. I tried my best to
ignore the happenings around me and kept on shooting pool.

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