Reader beware

Writing 121

What type of book says a lot about who you are, you can always tell the types when you are in a busy bookstore like Barnes and Noble, there are those readers who always sit gripping their book like it is their lifeline to the world, and maybe for them it is. Then there are those who sort of let their book drift downward to their lap after losing concentration, from an unexpected noise or distraction.

And then we have the different sections in a bookstore, the science fiction section is my favorite section to browse, there are many interesting people in this section, from the non-believers to the hardcore fans who never miss a chance to learn something new about a species of alien. These types of people are disillusioned with our life here on earth and they hope that there is somewhere where things are not so chaotic. The strange thing about science fiction is the fact that it is science; therefore, it has to have some sort of scientific basis, so it could happen in some mutated version of our universe; it might already be happening.

The mystery section tells a lot about a reader, they often like to feel on the edge so an extreme athlete is often right at home in this section; that is if they could find the time to actually slow down and read a book. Mystery is an interesting genre of writing, you have the smooth detective who every man wants to be and every woman wants to be with, just for the simple fact that life with this guy around is guaranteed to be very exciting. Guys want to be the detective because these types of characters are always around many beautiful women and if the story works out, they generally hook up in the end. So every man’s dream is realized in this genre, he becomes the hero and gets the girl.

Personally I like the self-help section, so does my friend. She is the total self-help guru, always trying to tell me how to live my life in all of these strange ways. We go through phases like the Atkins Diet, we just went through that, and the Zone been there too. Nevertheless, most of the time it is going back to the classic “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” this is like her bible, every relationship she has always ends because of some reason the book outlined. “Oh he doesn’t communicate well make him talk.” That was the last relationship.

The cooking section is always a scary thing there are these people who look like they have never cooked before. So I believe that they is a good cook inside but they just have to burn down a few kitchens before they hit their stride. This type of reader enjoys having the directions right in front of them, so they can follow them step-by-step, only in the directions they often forget the part “Call 9-1-1 if your kitchen is engulfed in flames.”

Religion is often a touchy subject with many people in a bookstore; I have even seen a few fights break out because someone believes in Buddha and not Mohammad. These readers enjoy thinking that there is something else after we die, for them this is the only thing they got in life that they know for sure. Moreover, they have to fight for their beliefs everyday, it should not be a major thing to go to the bookstore and buy a book about their religion. What if it was an atheist looking to experiment with religion and they are turned off just because there was an argument in the aisle that is supposed to be promoting love and acceptance for all people. Finally, yet, importantly the most popular section in a bookstore; romance is popular for everybody, but the constant visitors are women, and women love to read romance books even if they are already in love. It just gives us the warm fuzzies, to see that there is some love in the world to combat all of the hate.

This type of reader and I admit I am an avid romance reader also, thinks