What are the Causes of this Situation?
The causes of this situation is because that racism is a specific kind of prejudice based on the beliefs that there are differences among human races and that some are inferior to others. Traditionally, races have been defined as distinct populations that have specific physical traits based on their geographic origins. Racists believe that race not only determines a person’s appearance but also that a person’s character, intelligence and behaviour. Racism often leads to discrimination, which is prejudice in action. An example of this would be, an employer might be prejudiced against a job applicant simply because the person has a different skin colour. Then prejudiced becomes discrimination when the employer refuses to hire the applicant for that reason, even though the candidate might otherwise be qualified. A another reason for this situation is because a lot of people stereotype other races and some people find that really offence and they deal with it in there own way.

Where does this occur?
This occurs all over the world. Some of the country this occurs in North America, South America, Europe, Africa the most of it happen there, and Asia. But this occurs anywhere because not all country and race to people who have a different colour of skin they also are group within one race that discriminate against people that are the same race. This also happen in Africa is a land of great discrimination. Not only clearly visible racism between white and Africans but also among different groups of Africans. This is seen in the way black South Africans treat other African refugees when they immigrate there because they are forced to leave their homeland, which is warring. They arrive in South Africa only to meet beatings and discrimination, cause by South Africans’ racist fears. This hatred of foreigners is called xenophobia (a dislike of foreigners) and many brutal beatings have occurred in South Africa since the apartheid was discontinued.

When did this arise?
Racism has been around for thousands of years. Groups of peoples generally fear or form opinions on people and things that are foreign to themselves. They say examples of this have been found in ancient Chinese texts, where they believe God made a mistake when creating whites and blacks. It was by their scholars that black were allowed to bake too long in the sun and therefore their skin was burnt. When he created the Caucasians, he allowed the to bake too little leaving them raw. When he created the native Chinese, he finally rectified his mistakes by making them a perfect golden colour. This belief by the Chinese lead them to ethnic groups, which is the belief that one’s race is the best, and then all other are poorer. This would explain for their policy of issued that they maintained for hundreds of years. Native Americans were also ethnic in that if one of their tribe married a white person, he/she was generally looked on as “selling out” and abandoning their people.
The history of racism in the United States traces back to origins in Europe and the “triangle trade,” responsible for bringing Africans slaves to the New World. European explorers came upon America, a vast land of plentiful natural resources, with little manpower with which to do anything useful. Thus, it was decided that native Africans, familiar to unfair working conditions and the scorching heat encountered in the American South, would make the best labourers. Europeans redefined the Africans as of a separate race; “THEY WERE CONDSIDERED NOT TO BE HUMAN, BUT RATHER AS ANIMALS LACKING SOULS.” Since then, the Americans of all colours have been guilty of racism, believing that each of their peoples was better or more important the next. The first American culture affected by racism was the Native American population.

The effect of racism are that racism destroys any sense of patriotism within the group, and presents a clear threat to national unity –because of that it can result in the emergence of two separate nations within one land. Racism is very expensive. Not simply in a direct way for example the hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of damage to the city of Los Angeles caused by the race riots in 1992,