Quiz 5: The Eagle and the Arrow
In three or more sentences answer the following questions (If you do not answer in complete sentences and do not finish the three sentences your grade will go down):
Using the first story, explain what the Eagle, Archer, and Hare were after?
The eagle was sat on a rock and he was watching the movements of a Hare, the eagle wanted sought to make his prey. An archer saw the eagle and he wanted to hunt to the eagle. The archer wanted catch to the eagle.

Explain the Theme "We give our enemies the means to our destruction" (It does not need to be about the story)?
Well, the Theme "We give our enemies the means to our destruction", mean that sometimes we trust in the people, and they can know all about us, and then they can use all those information and use that for our destruction, so sometimes without know we help of our enemies because we don't have carefully with the people that we don't really know their intensions.

Using the movie we saw yesterday (Bedazzled: about the devil), how does the devil use what she knows about the characters wishes, to hurt what he really wanted?
Well in the movie we saw yesterday we noticed that the devil use what she knows about the man wishes, but when she makes the wish in reality, she just gave to him the things but ever he had a problem with something, like when he was super millionaire and when he wanted have a relation with a girl, he was gay, but the problem was when he requested the wishes, he didn't specified about the wish.