Questions on the text "Seeing the Poet\'s Voice"

1. The author obviously uses a certain metaphor, because it is impossible to ‘see a voice’. The author catches the readers attention, by presenting something not imaginable. The reader wants to know more about those curious metaphor, and goes on reading the text, and this, of course, is the intention of every author.
2. Apart from the different parts inside Elizabeth Lunds argumentation, the text is separated in her part, and the poem of May Swenson. Elisabeth Lund uses the poem of May Swenson, to give the reader a clearer picture of her point of view, and makes her arguments easier to understand.
3. For Elizabeth Lunds poetry helps to see the world through different eyes, and so it gives new perspectives for our further being. In here opinion it is possible to find new directions for live through the descriptive power of poetry. But this is just possible if reader wants to find those new ways while reading poetry.

Category: English