Psychology Essay

I interviewed two kids of similar age, when we were assigned to ask kids certain questions. I asked my 6 year old brother George, and one of the kids who came to class on kids day. His name was T.J. and he was five years old. I found out a lot of similarities between the two boys, just through the answers of the questions that I asked.

I thought that it was interesting that both boys thought that a fork in the road meant that the carís tire was going to pop. Both boys also knew that Santa Clause wasnít real, and they both made that very clear that they knew that. I think that both boys, along with other boys at this age, want to look smart, and look like they are not little kids. I think that explains why they felt special telling me that they were not little kids, and they did NOT believe in Santa Clause.

Another thing that I noticed was similar about the boysí responses was that they wanted to look smart and seem intelligent at all times. When they didnít know an answer to a question, they just made one up. For example when I asked T.J. where lightning came from, he told me it was frozen water. Obviously no one told him this, because thatís not true. He made that up because he didnít know the answer. My brother gave me about a 20 minute explanation of where babies came from, and that was all made up also, because none of it was anything that anyone would ever tell a kid. From watching the other videos, kids younger than about 4 say that they donít know when they donít know. Other kids older than 5-7 age group also admit that they donít know an answer when they donít know, because they know that we are going to know if they make something up.

Something that I found interesting throughout watching the videos is that each and every kid asked, religious or not knew where heaven was. I think that itís weird how some how there are just things that every kid knows, no matter how old they are, or how they are raised. I find it interesting that the one thing that every kid knew the answer to was where heaven was located. Granted no one really knows where heaven is, no kid asked what heaven was, or had no clue where it was.