Propaganda was a key factor which greatly contributed to the rise of the Nazi Party. According to Hitler the mass of the people, of whom he had a very low opinion could easily have influenced by means of the constant repetition of a number of key slogans and images of effective propaganda. At the heart of Nazi propaganda was the spoken word. This was at its most powerful when it was delivered by Hitler. These speeches were made using microphones and loudspeakers so large numbers of people could hear them. This became a major focal point of the appeal towards the Nazi Party. The Nazi party also created a key visual propaganda symbol in the Nazi flag. This proved extremely effective. Posters were created which always depicted workers in favourable terms. The Nazi Party also used the press to spread the message to potential followers although this wasnít as successful.

Censorship however took place in newspapers, cinematic productions, books and radio broadcasts but was not as successful in creating a larger Nazi following. It cut out the other options so left the German people with Nazi news Ė this is propaganda. Both of these go together in my opinion but I feel that censorship can only be successful if you can use it with propaganda to complete it.