Promotional tools

Every company should use a promotion to introduce their product and service. According to a promotion that is very important before selling a new product and service in making the profit from the business. Levis and Lee Company are using the promotion to attract and remind their customers to buy their product and service. A company would spend more money in promotion but they could through a promotion to show their main product and all situations about processing of management. Consumers can obtain information of product in promotion. In producing and selling the product of jeans, the major promotional activities that used by the Levis and Lee Company are advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing and public relation.


Advertising is one of major promotional activities that used by Jean and Lee company. Levis and Lee Company have done a lot of advertising in order to attract the customers’ attention, to create the demand of market. Because in jean market still got some strong competitors, so an efficiently and effectively advertising could be provided by company to any consumers. After that, consumers could follow that advertising to choice their favorite kind of product.

Media of advertising

In western countries, such as United Kingdom, United States and Australia, Levis and Lee Company used a various media to do the advertising. Most of the media that they use is television, newspaper, magazines, and internet.


Many consumers mostly will get information about a product from television while they are watching drama. This type of consumers will be choice in Levis and Lee Jean Company as their target in market. Sometimes, an attractive of advertising would cause many consumers mention it because any kind of product could be a high and good quality performs to consumers in television.


Daily newspaper is been provided many advertising in there, for those of readers could obtain more information of product in rapidly. Some information of product have been clearly classify for consumers. Any main information such as material, price, weight and design could be found out by consumers easily.


Levis Company focuses on high income person to be targeting in market. Nice advertising could be offered by magazines while some people prefer to read magazines, those people are a group of high income person. Levis and Lee Company will show some new product in magazines to make an attention of the consumers who could buy the magazines so that they will look at the attractive product.


Nowadays, company had offered a quite good product and service in internet. Levis and Lee Company also had offered company website let customers could search information and other purpose. Besides, customers could make an order and give opinion to that company. Sometimes, those companies might change it website design and adjust the new information in internet so that internet user can also see this advertisement.

Personal selling

Levis and Lee Company employed many promoters to sell their jeans. Some promoters could offer good service for customers and they can explain and introduce some new type of product to customers. For those promoters, they could bring out more reality information for customers and reply question from customers in rapidly.

Direct marketing

In high technology, Levis and Lee Company make the sales directly to the consumers by using the direct marketing. Such as e-commerce, both of company should develop an online marketing in the world to increase selling of product to earn more profit. When the user launches the website of Levis and Lee Company, the homepage of them will show all the list of jeans.

For the people who want to buy jean in online market, they can search the website of and . Then it shows all of the products of Levis and Lee Company. Before customers buy a jean from online market, they have to open a personal account and follow the steps to complete the dealing. After that, they can buy jean from online, jean company will delivery that jean to customer.

Public relation

Some of strong company has the ability to employ an actor to say a behalf of company. Because that company want to build a good relations with the publics, getting public understanding and acceptance. Levis Company has to build up the good corporate image and settle some unfavorable