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The Effectiveness of An Essay

Alexander Cragg/ Honors English

What does it take to create an effective essay? This is a hard question to
answer, until it is made more specific. Depending upon the type of essay it may
be harder, or easier, to create an effective essay. Formal essays are easier to
write for most students, because they can make them more effective by using
their own voice. If you have to write an argumentative essay the criteria for an
effective paper is much different than attempting to create an effective
informative essay. Obviously it there isn’t any set way to create an effective
essay, unless you know what type of essay you are about to write, then you can
develop a basic idea of where you want your essay to go

“Prisons: Problems and Solutions” is an informative essay that addresses
the fact that the prisons of the United States are over crowded. The author
addresses you with various facts and resources, concerning the increase in
convicts. “Prisons: Problems and Solutions” is probably the most
in-effective essay that I have ever read. The author addresses the fact of the
overcrowded prisons fairly strait forward, and gets the point across. The
composition is terrible. Sentences are short. Sentences are choppy. Sentences
are repetitive. As you have read this is annoying, and hard to read. It makes
the reader think that the writer never reread her essay, in order to make it
more sensible.

The author addresses the problems and presents solutions, hence the title.
Unfortunately all of the problems she presents are all the same, the prisons are
over-crowded. So the prisons have too many people, then she provides several
solutions for this problem. She never provides any other problems that the penal
system faces. Now we all would like to believe that this is the only problem
face by the penal system to day, but were not all that dense. This seriously
drains the effectiveness of this essay, in the fact that she isn’t strong
enough in issuing her point of view. The author knows that the prisons are
overcrowded, and she gives several solutions for this problem. Her title says
problems, not problem. So she misleads you with her title, leading you to
believe that this essay contains more than it does.

Construction of an essay is a great under taking that most students dread and
fear. To build an essay that is good read and effective in delivering the
authors message it must be written in a clear format. Starting with an
introduction paragraph that covers the topic of the essay, from broad to
specific points on this topic. Then there should be at least three body
paragraphs, each of which address a different point of the main topic. The
author will then finish with a conclusive paragraph, that restates the main idea
of the introduction going from specific to broad. The author of “Prisons:
Problems and Solutions” completed the body paragraphs rather well, but her
introduction and conclusion were rather lame. Her introduction was short,
stating only that prisons are overcrowded, and doesn’t start broad and go to a
specific point. Saying that prisons are overcrowded is definitely broad, but is
she had said that there are problems with the penal system it would have been
more general leaving the rest of the introduction more specific. “We, as a
country, need to find different ways to deal with this continuing problem,”
are the exact words of the final sentence of her introduction. This isn’t
specific, the introduction is a flop, it gives no real clue to where the essay
is going and how it will get there. The conclusion is worse, it consist of one
sentence, that doesn’t restate the thesis at all. All the conclusion does is
state that the problem needs to be addressed.

“Prisons: Problems and Solutions” is rather ineffective as an over-all
essay. It lacks punch and doesn’t relay the message of the author well enough
to be convincing. Authors should take more time to review their essays and make
sure that they are written clearly and effectively, but in a manner that is easy
to understand. To create an effective essay is one of the hardest struggles of
being a student, but with a lot of work and effort, any essay can be turned into
a master piece.

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