Predictions for genetic engeneering

I think that there are going to be a lot of new changes in the
upcoming millennium. I think the change that will have the
biggest impact will be genetic engineering. One side of
genetic engineering will be that parents will be allowed to
chose the outcome of their baby. Another side is cloning. I
think the biggest part will be correcting DNA to get rid of
diseases. That could also be a part of choosing your baby
because you could fix any problems before it is even born.
I think the part that will most affect our generation will
be choosing your baby. You will probably be able to choose
the sex, hair color, skin tone, etc. You might even be able
to choose your babies birthdate. You will probably also be
able to choose which parent the child resembles more. I
think that cloning could also be a part of this because they
will be able to make your baby look exactly like whoever you
I think that cloning will be the change that everyone
likes for a little while but then they will realize that it is
really bad and we are running out of room to live. I think it
will start out that they get a clone to help with housework
but then they will just keep getting more and more until the
clones have clones who have clones and no one will have
any idea who they are talking to. Then after all of that
happens people will be living forty or fifty to a house and the
we will have to cut down all of the trees to have room to live
and then we will die because we need trees to make oxygen
for us. I am strongly against cloning because I believe that
if you clone people the will just get lazy and fat because
they will have clones running around to do everything for
them. Another thing I do not agree with is fixing peopleís
problems with gene therapy.
I think that if people get a disease it is either their own
fault or they got it for some reason. I do not think that we
should be able to decide who lives and who dies. It is okay
to try and help people live but if they need gene therapy
there has to be some reason why they are supposed to die.
I think they will be able to fix any problem anyone has by
simply giving them a shot that goes into their cells and fixes
the part of the DNA that is not right, the question is how will
everyone feel about living forever. I feel okay about some
parts of genetic engineering but not any that are going to
overpopulate the world.
I think another big part of the new millennium will be
intergalactic travel. I think we will be able to just book a
flight like you would to go across the country. Iím sure that
there has to be life out there somewhere because if every
star is just like our sun then there has to be planets circling
them. Iím sure at least one of them has the same type of
environment as ours. They will probably make some kind of
ship that will be able to go the speed of light or even faster.
I think that there is no way that gasoline will stay
around. I think it will be replaced by fuel cells, that convert
water to energy. I think they will make it run on water
because that is the most plentiful substance on earth. Or
maybe they will find some new substance on another planet
that is more useful or better for the environment. They will
probably make a better vehicle that can go a lot faster and
without a driver.
I believe the change that will impact children the most
is that there wonít be any school that you have to go to. All
schools will come in through the computer and the Internet.
When that happens there wont be any need for paper or
writing utensils because everything will be done digitally.
That will make kids have a lot better grades because they
wont be forced to get up in the morning to go to school.
That might make kids grades lower though because they will
not want to do any work because they will be at home.
I think that communication will change a great deal.
You will not need anything to