Post-Operation Yewtree, arguably the most famous paedophilic crackdown in the UK, which exposed sexual abuse from those in respectable positions in society. There has been a gargantuan rise in the number of reported Sexual Abuse to have been alleged. The BBC found the number of sexual offences recorded by police rising to more than 9% after revelations about Jimmy Savile emerged.
This rise, is something that would be predicted, after such a big story and public support being more receptive to victims. There has been a shift, particularily in the last month, with more and more cases being reported all having a common denominator - sport. 
Football, the biggest, most common and most played sport in Britain, was recently revealed to be at the centre of ongoing investigations conducted by the Police, following allegations coming from ex-professionals and others whom previously trained at footballing academies, from some of the top football clubs in England, inclduing Southampton, Chelsea and Manchester City.
In fact, more than 20 former footballers  have so far come forward with allegations of historical child sex abuse in football, with five police forces investigating. The Football Association announced an internal review, as well as individual clubs are conducting their own inquiries. The NSPCC hotline has reportedly received more than 250 calls, relating to this matter.
Ex-Crewe defender Andy Woodward waived his right to anonymity to reveal his ordeal and several other former professionals have done the same. One of the players who spoke out, former Tottenham and Liverpool midfielder Paul Stewart, said   the sport could face allegations on the scale of the Jimmy Savile scandal.
The four players to speak publicly: Paul Stewart, David White, Steve Walters and Andy Woodward (left to right) have gone public with their ordeals, waiving their right to anonymity as sex abuse victims

Who has spoken out?
16 November:  Former Bury and Sheffield United player Andy Woodward, 43, tells the  Guardian  he was sexually abused by convicted paedophile and former football coach Barry Bennell while at Crewe Alexandra between the ages of 11 and 15.
22 November:  Steve Walters, 44, also claims he was sexually abused by Bennell while at Crewe. Walters, who in 1988 became the club's youngest debutant, also made the allegations to the  Guardian.
23 November:  Former England and Tottenham footballer Paul Stewart, 52, tells the  Mirror  he was sexually abused as a youth player. Stewart, who began his professional career with Blackpool and also played for Manchester City and Liverpool, claims an unnamed coach - not Bennell - abused him daily for four years.
23 November:  Ex-Manchester City striker David White, 49, alleges he was also sexually abused by Bennell in the late 1970s and early 1980s, while playing for Whitehill FC junior team in Manchester.
24 November:  According to  the Guardian,  an anonymous ex-footballer has contacted police to say he was a victim of George Ormond - a former Newcastle United youth coach who was  jailed in 2002  for offences against young footballers in the area. Police are investigating an allegation of "historical sexual offences in Newcastle".
25 November:  Two other men speak on Friday's edition of the  Victoria Derbyshire programme.  Jason Dunford and Chris Unsworth say they were abused by Bennell as youth players.
27 November:  Anthony Hughes told the Sunday Mirror that Bennell abused him on a sofa while he was at Crewe Alexandra's centre of excellence.
27 November:  As the FA announced an internal review of what it knew, former trainee footballer Ian Ackley  told BBC Radio 5 live's Sportsweek  about his abuse by Bennell.
All those named above have waived their right to lifelong anonymity to speak out to the media.
What did the ex-footballers say?
Andy Woodward:  "It was his way of finding out which players were the weaker ones or the softer ones. It started within a few weeks. Initially it was sexually touching but it rapidly got worse and he raped me. I don't want to put a number on how many times it happened, but it was over a four-year period."
Steve Walters:  "I just had to pretend it never happened and block it out. I knew it could never come out and I was absolutely petrified because I thought that if it did ever come