The ideologies of politics or politics itself could be viewed either positively or negatively depends on which aspect of politics people look at. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is hard to define politics, for it covers such a comprehensive areas of our world. ‘Politics concerns the behaviour of groups and individuals in matters that are likely to affect the course of government.’ (Raphael, 1970: 27)

When people look back at ancient times when people work during the day times and have rest at night. These people would not have had influenced by politics as today. Politics is a system; regulation, behaviour and procedure for citizens to be treated like ones from the ‘just society’. ‘We have observed that politics involves the self-direction of communities, the allocation of values, the research for legitimate patterns of compatible values and policies.’ (Deutsch, 1970: 27)

Politics is not pertained to activities to obtain any possessions or exercise one’s power, but it is an act to restore community spirit for the good of the majority and fulfill people’s sense of morality and emotion from the legitimate political purpose. It is the belief which morale is to be based upon that could satisfy country’s people by consolidating armaments and achieving democratic society.

Politics is a representation of a society, which a fundamental set of ideas and recognition of moral and prescriptive values come into account to make politics a pivotal element. A Greek philosopher, Aristotle once said, ‘Man is by nature a political animal’. (Aristotle, Politics: 1) This means achieving justice to make a bon droit (upright) community as well as humanity to enjoy goodness of democracy. From this point, what considers being crucial elements of politics in just society will be demonstrated.

People live in the world where many parts are controlled by governments. Business would need license from government to be recognized business and interest rates would be changed depends on government’s economic policy. Indeed, government does exert a considerate influence upon our lives including many laws and regulations. So one of the most vital factors of politics would be stated as government, for it performs major political duties as representative of political realm. Government also plays a key role in the allocation of wealth, status and other goods or benefits between individuals and groups. For example, it levies taxes on some citizens and spends monies raised to the particular advantage of others. Therefore government means of representative organization that are binding upon their members, members of the Parliament that it has to exercise authority the way in which a society organizes politically and is controlled.

The focus then moves onto how politics operates and proceeds within people who are involved with government. Conflict seems to be a common terminology, when it comes to politics as well as resolution of social issues and exercise of power. It is understood that ones of the most pivotal aspect in the process of politics is securing allocative decisions in their own favour, which is continuing struggle to gain control. Although politics is competed or operated by many different parties, they happened to have common elements. Issues, gathering and mobilizing support and building coalitions are the things political parties constantly come up with to emulate and achieve their goals. ‘These elements of political activity, such as governmental organizations, pressure groups, voting parties, and other social elements related to them, all show close enough interaction to be considered part of the political process.’ (Easton, 1981: 97)

An Australian form of politics is consisted of North American notions of federalism and the British Westminster model, which many analysts later call this system as ‘Washminster mutation.’ (Thompson, 1980: 32-33) This particular model indicates executive government is drawn from and responsible to an elected Parliament. This system of federalism is a prominent feature of the Australian political system that ‘characterised by a widespread diffusion of power and authority.’ (Emy, 1974: 20) To alleviate discrepancy and conflict in the combination of the federal system of a combined of the Commonwealth government and states governments, a set of regulations, the Constitution, have been made to balance government. Lastly, the major issue, regarding on this system, that emerged is as to how to find he nature of Australian politics to introduce new ways and continue