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Essay #1

A single-payer heath care system would get mixed reactions from all three ideologies. A conservative would not be for this system of heath care. They would say that the government needs to stay out of these matters and a radical change might disrupt the system thatís already in place. Conservatives are against raising taxes for heath care and to have equal health care for everyone, they would have to raise taxes. If an American can not get heath insurance through their work, and canít afford to get it on there own they are out of luck.

The more Liberal point of view is a lot different. They would probably agree with a single-payer heath care system. One of the issues that the Democrats always bring up during elections is how they will make it more affordable to obtain heath care. Liberals are most interested in individual freedom and equality. A single mother with three kids working at a gas station should be able to see the same doctors as Bill Gates. With a single-payer system in place there is unrestricted free choice of what doctor you could go see.

Socialists are all for the idea of government controlled heath care. They donít want you to have any private property, so Iím pretty sure they would tell you what heath care if any you would get.

I believe that a heath care plan like this would work in our country, and be accepted by Americans. It would eliminate increases in heath insurance and its one less thing you have to think about because it is already taken care of. Iím all for the government staying out of my life as much as possible. I donít think that a heath care system like this will be infringing on my rights. Heath care is something I think our Government should make accessible for everyone.

Essay #2

My political views come from different places I guess. Mostly just viewing whatís going on around me. I grew up in Fort Collins but I lived in a pretty poor part of Denver last year. Something as little as that can change your perspective on a lot of things. I also was around my grandfather which I have nothing but respect for him. He is a colonel in the Air Force and has seen a lot of things in his life time. He also listens to Limbaugh every day and is a closet racist. Seeing the extreme right and other life experiences such as going through the court system, has made me see the positive side to a more Liberal view.

The war in Iraq is a touchy subject and most people stay away from talking about it at all. Even though it is a major event right now it is probably good too. After September 11 I was a huge supporter of higher defense budgets and going into Afghanistan to dispel terrorist cells. The war on Iraq in my view is a totally different subject. I donít see the correlation between the attack on September 11 and Iraq. No doubt Hussein is an evil man but who says it is the United States job to police the world. Now they are saying it was a lack of intelligence. The CIA is getting in hot water about them not finding any weapons of mass destruction. They said that Bush is not part of the intelligence team. Well I could have told you that a long time ago.