Political Opinion


POLS 131

11 Feb 2004

The misunderstanding of a citizen’s importance in the United States government has to be one of the saddest things there is. I think that our young people see our government as a machine that is running out of control. I have to say that this is a big misconception. I spoke with a young individual the other day and found out that they truly believe their vote does not matter. After hearing this I researched the issue, proving that even someone that seems how insignificant as they seem to think their vote is, can make a huge difference.

I feel that we the people are allowing ourselves to be lead astray. Our government is a wonderful device that some very ingenious men put into action, and then left it up to the masses to take care of, and now they are not fulfilling their duties. They don’t want to vote even with the polls in their own neighborhood. They believe the papers, news broadcasts, and all of the nonsense. It is the press that put the notion that government could not be trusted in the first place.

In the age of Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, we loved the government and it worked for us. We not only believed in it, we participated in it. We would vote, rally in protest to


what we felt was wrong, or stand beside the representative if the issue they represented was in the best interest to the community.

If you do not like what the government is doing, then do not sit there and complain. Take it upon yourself to take initiative. One person taking action is not a lot but the constitution says “ We The People” not “I the individual” one person, not even the president, can change this fine nation. It takes a group or a majority to make change. It takes “The People” and if the people demand it, the government has no recourse but to do it. They are the representatives “of the people, for the people by the people”. If the people do not speak their thoughts then how is the representative to know what “We the people” want from government?

I asked this young individual when the last time they wrote their congressperson, or in this modern age when did they last e-mail them? This is what upsets me! People want the government to do what is “right” but we sit let them decide what is right for us. “We the people” need to tell our representatives what we feel is right and what we want.

These are simple people who we have elected, that only want to serve their country. These representatives feel that by being in office is making a difference so they do what it takes to stay in office, so that they can make that difference. Now if to stay in office, they must do what the district wants of them for if they do not, they get voted out the next election. What a simple process we have, if the people of the district, which they are from, make enough noise (i.e.…phone calls, letters, and yes e-mails.) Then if the representative wants to stay in office, he or she will strive for the majorities’ desires.


“We The People” must not let them be lead astray by lobbyist, interest groups, or large cooperation’s. We must speak loud and clear, because if we do not we will not be heard. If we feel there is wrong being done in our district or our country it is our job to let these men and women, whom we have elected to this position and speak on our behalf, know what we want them to say.

The only reason I see the government of today not working as well as it could is that “We the people” have let the system down, it has not let us down, because we hold the key. We have the power to change our government to suit our needs, but only if we work as a team as our forefathers did when they devised such a plan. I fear only one thing about our government, that is we allow ourselves to be ignorant