Police Are Here to Protect Not Promote

English 101

TR 5:30 – 6:45

April 20, 2004

It’s extremely hard for me to imagine that the police are taking part in many murders around this country. Not only is this happening but it is being encouraged. Many police departments around the country are selling back their old guns and guns confiscated from criminals to the public and gun dealers. They sell back their guns for a few different reasons; for equipment upgrades and it helps out the community. However, it creates a few problems as well. Police are essentially here to protect us from exactly what they are promoting.

To start with I would like to present a few positive sides to the recycling of guns from police departments. They money made from the sale of guns can go towards many things. Most of which are things that we pay for in taxes already. It pays for higher wages for police officers, better equipment, and other nonsense things when you think about it. They also use the money to help support after school programs and teen centers for the community.

Do police departments really need to profit off of the fact that our safety is decreasing because more guns are out in the community? Yes we do need to pay the police officer higher wages now because they have more weapons on the streets now. Who put those extra weapons there? It’s same people that supposedly are trying to rid the streets of extra weapons. Also, the other only reason police need upgrades is to have better equipment then the criminals. So why are they selling they current equipment to them? Is it just so they benefit and profit but getting new equipment. The purpose of teen centers and after school programs is to keep kids safe from the dangers on the streets. One of the most common dangers on the streets is guns. So let me ask you again, why are they putting more guns out there?

In the end, it is clear that the recycling of guns can not do much good for our community. It seems to me that the reason it is being done is to keep the police department busy and have increasing wages. The sale of guns causes officers to have to work more, receive constant equipment upgrades, and provide more for the teens and children. In return, the profit from the sale increases wages, provides upgrades, and helps supports teen centers. If we didn’t have the recycling of guns we would not need increased wages, upgrades, and after school programs as badly and therefore be able to do these things with taxes like we have been doing up until this point.