Poetry Difficulty

Poetry Difficulty
Poetry unlike fiction is solely based on the author’s personal take on a certain subject. The tone, diction, syntax, and mood of a poem are all determined by the author of the poem. For some readers, to interpret a poem or explain the plot can be a difficult task. Other forms of literature such, as fiction is much easier to understand and discuss.
One reason fiction is easier to understand and discuss is that it has a plot, setting, a cast of characters, and a theme. Most fiction books follow the same common outline when it comes to structure. Poetry does not fit in this category. Poetry can be written about something or about nothing. A reader can interpret a poem in more than one way. On occasion, a poem may be difficult to discuss or understand because the reader doesn’t know what the author is writing about.
Fictional stories are usually longer than poems. Poets also utilize literary techniques such as alliteration, assonance, and repetition in their poetry to influence the way a reader feels when reading the piece of literature. Fictional stories may also have some of these techniques in them, but they are lost amongst the plot and story line.
Every author whether poet or writer has their own personal style of writing. Poets have more flexibility with their style. Long stanzas, rhythm, punctuation, no punctuation, fragments, and repetition are just a few options a poet has when creating

their masterpiece. These tools may make it difficult for a reader to understand the full meaning of a poem. Diction can also play a role with problem in understanding poetry. A reader may need to research where the author is from and what year the poem was written in, in order to get the full effect of the poem and the underlying meanings in it.
Literature is written and created for all who are willing to read and love it. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, prose, drama, plays, and short stories are all different forms of a collaboration of words, emotions, life, death, love, hate, and beliefs of the author with the intent of affecting the reader.

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