What I say that Jesus is

Is that he is a kind and caring person

He loves everyone like they are his.

He always forgives,

He holds us steady

He always prepares us when we are not ready.

He gave us the gift of free will,

Even though sometimes we do not follow his will,

He is ready to serve us in any way

Through the night, morning and during the day,

Jesus had many characteristics

He was like us in many ways.

He felt compassion,

He felt guilt,

He felt angry and sad and mad.

Sometimes life wasnít fair for Jesus

Like it is, too, for us

But we have to stick it out

Even when the going gets tough;

Jesus is our Savior

He died for us on the cross

So we could live forever.

I say that Jesus is the Messiah

The Prince of Peace

The Good Shepherd

The Alpha and the Omega;

I believe this because I have faith;

And because Jesus keeps me safe.

I feel truly blessed,

For my faith, family and friends

And that is why

I think Jesus is the best.