The pictures I picked are explained as follows:

All Americans Pledge Allegiance And A Select Few Show It means that in our society there are still those people out there that belive that everyone should be in the army even though they dont understand that if everyone was in the army there would be no means of production and that fact that we are not a government that depends on all fighting and war efforts

The Picture of the car and the we are giving away a free bmw every day in september and the factory poluting represents how we as americans care more for tech. advancements and fast cars without knowing how that v8 car and that nice sony playsatation affect the enviroments due to polutants sent into the air during the production of both the car and that system.

The wars are far from over and the picture of the soldier with his weapon show how our culture accepts the fact that war is acceptable to prove somthing petty.


The Simpsons, BBC Talk, and Mad Tv show how we as americans are ok with watching a variety of shows on Tv where as in other countries Tv is only a form of getting information as well as propaganda out to the people. The simpsons And Mad Tv are completely different from BBC TV due to the fact that The simpsons And Mad Tv are entertainment comdey and that BBC is news debate and can both be seen with out going to different countries shows that we are diverse socialy as well as brain wise.


The music I picked is represenative of our culture due to the fact that the first song is intitled no more drama and most people will say I dont want anymore of this but the truth is that half of the pain they feel is caused by them.My second song is Breathing by lifehouse i picked it because it speaks of mourning for loved ones because if there\'s somthing our culture has done a lot of is mourn for loved ones in times of need and most have looked as far as god for help. My thrid is again by lifehouse but is entitled Hanging by a Moment which explains the well debated falling in love at first sight.




Beef Sandwich

Grilled Cheese


Los Comales

Casa De Don Andres


The first 2 are mexican restaurants and the last is irish themed, this represents my culture because my parents arent big belivers of cultural diversity and we only go to taco places to eat out, the only reason bennagens is on there is because I go there with friends and in doing so I am changing my culture to not only my nationality.


Every culture in the united states is different from anyother and no one can really say that one culture beats the others due to the fact that the US respect all cultures and no matter who you are you will be accpeted and in number 3 the television shows prove it because in some other countries tv is used as a form of church which is used to spread the good word of the country wheather it be to spread propaganda or to inform the people and the thing that makes this country great is that fact that your allowed to be different because in countries like Cuba being different equals death.