Finding Velocity

P=# bags of powder

F=Force in N per 1 bag powder

B=Mass of Ball in kg

L=Length of cannon barrel

PF √ ( 2BL ) = Vf

B ( PF )

Finding Firing Angle

D=Distance to target

Θ=Firing Angle

D(9.81) = sin2Θ --after you get the left side, take the sin-1 of it and divide by 2.

Vf 2 You can also take 90 - Θ (the above line is Θ) as another solution

Checking if it Hit Wall/Ceiling

W=Distance to Wall

H=Height of Wall/Ceiling from ground

WVf sin Θ - 4.9 ( W )2 > H

Vf cos Θ ( Vf cos Θ )

The left side should be greater than H if the object needs to fly over an object.

It needs to be less than H if the object needs to fly under an object.