The physical characteristics of Netherlands are very constant since the beginning and forming of Europe. The land is at 656 feet or 200 meters above ground throughout the Netherlands. The climate style is Marine West Coast and only Marine West Coast. The real excitement of the Netherlands geography is the polders. The Netherlands is one of the more densely populated European areas, so when trying to figure out a way to fit so many people in a very small place of land the Dutch decided to build on the water and by doing so they created Polders(which means to build on water and to adapt). Over ¼ of the Netherlands is water turned to land. The Geographic coordinates of the Netherlands are 52 30 N, 5 45 E, the total area of the Netherlands is 41,526 sq km. The countries surrounding are Belgium and Germany. The Coastline is 451 km. The whole country is mostly lowlands and polders.


What is truly special about the people in the Netherlands is that local traditions are still in effect and this country has many new industrial and innovative technologies, but has still kept it\'s older more well known traditions. When researching this country I thought all that would be present is Amsterdam and fat blonde ladies wearing wooden shoes, but yet those weren’t the only things I found. The Netherlands Kingdom was formed in 1815 (which was what now is the Netherlands with parts of Belgium). It remained neutral in WWI but suffered massive invasions by the Germans in WWII. The Netherlands was a founding member of the EMU and NATO. The Netherlands is currently run mostly by a monarch/democracy.


The Netherlands government allows most drug use, but is starting to crack down on illegal activities. Over population is another issue that is plaguing Netherlands. Prostitution is a big problem along with drug production. The Netherlands has too much of a liberal democracy/monarchy.

GDP 434 billion

Unemployment 3%

Languages Spoken Dutch

Land Area 41,526 sq km

Population 16,067,754

Birth Rate 11.58births/1000 population

Death Rate 8.67deaths/1000 population

Literacy Rate 99%

Climate Marine West Coast

Population Density

Population Growth Rate .53%

Ethnic % Dutch 83%

other 17%

Electricity Produced 87.953billion kWh

Sources fossil fuel 90%

other 5%

nuclear 4%


My country’s population density is normal for most European countries.

My country is not multilingual as it’s only language is Dutch and is spoken by 96% of the people.

My country gets most of it’s energy from non-renewable sources.

My country’s population is growing slowly.

My country has an educated population because almost all hold higher level jobs.

My country’s main economic dependency is drugs, but is also a large exporter of agriculture.

It is Marine West Coast.