Phat farm, Home on the farm or me and my best friends dog?

In Advertising minimal text is taking a huge risk in not informing, or misinforming your client about your product. Things that should be in text, like details, or descriptions, are missing when there is little to no text available. If the ad does not portray what they are selling, or looks to be selling something else, they just wasted a lot of money and would have to be a nightmare for a company. An advertisement should always try to say or show specifically what is being sold. It should also illustrate why it is worth buying and where the item can be purchased. The worst thing you can do is assume that people already know about your company. On the other hand if your only thing to reach a target audience that could offend people that may think you are only wanting specific people to shop at your store. In order for this ad to work you would have to know this company well.

In this ad we see two men fully clothed. It looks to be autumn with all the leaves scattered about. There is an old looking house off to the left of the men in the background. A cream colored dog is sitting to the right of them. The only text that can be seen in the ad is "P Classic American Flava". Without reading the page prior in this book, the consumer would not be able to see, or relate to what exactly is being sold. How many of us would have known what this ad was conveying? My first glance made me think maybe clothes, but there is no way to know for sure. In the overall page it does not give enough information to indicate what part is the product.

People can only possibly assume that they have a target audience and that they knew that the "P" in the ad stood for "Phat Farm". So that makes me ask why eliminate any of the other consumers that were not in the targeted group who understood what "P" stood for. I wondered if it was intentional, and only intended to be understood by a this group. Personally I love the orange plaid shirt, and would consider purchasing it as a gift for my husband. The problem is I would not have known the location of the store to purchase anything in the ad. I would not even have known if the shirt was what was for sale.. Some people might have looked at this ad and thought it was an ad for pet care or various things. Its great to have a specific audience if that was the point behind this ad. However, The consumer would have to wonder why anyone would pay for an ad to focus on one group that you already has knowledge of your product. Along with advertising a new product, you should try to inform new potential customers of what you are selling. The ad shown here does not let you know that any of the clothing is for sale , or that anything is for sale for that matter.

With no description what so ever and with words like "flava" for some of us that word would mean flavor you can see how a lot of people would get confused. No food anyplace on the page, then completely look over the message that is trying to be put out to the public. Looking at this ad over and over I can not see a clear message being presented anywhere on the page. There is not any one product that is set apart from the others. It is impossible to know for sure what the ad is trying to say. The amount of money, and potential costumers that may have been lost due to lack of information could be catastrophic to a company. Companies can loose a lot of sales for ads that do not inform the public as a whole. When people can look at an ad, and determine what is being sold, and how to go about getting that product, the ad has done its job. When the readers have to make so