Pets should be treated like family members.

Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Give reasons to support your opinion.

I think we can agree that pets should be treated as family members. In my opinion pets deserve all the love and care from all the members of the family. They are just as humans in many respects and so I feel that treating them with affection and care is probably our responsibility too.

Pets form a part of our family, they are always with us when we get lonely. Pets such as dogs keep a vigil on the strangers that might visit the family. They can easily differentiate strangers from other members of the family. It has been observed also that pets like dogs protect the family from unseen danger and are prepared to sacrifice their own lives for their master.

From an economic point of view, other pets such a horses, camels, mules for example are very important to some people. They can help in transportation, they are used to transport huge loads in those regions where transportation is not possible because of a mountain terrain without proper road or rail transportation systems. These pets also act as a source of income for their owners. For example, in India, people have unusual pets like monkeys or snakes. These pets are a source of income for their owners as they help to raise money by performing some tricks and amusing tourists who watch them with great excitement.

Pets such as cattle are very important in many cases, they provide us with valuable products such as milk or other products. Various other products are derived from it and can help us to improve the nutritional value of our diet.

In conclusion we can say that pets have got many advantages. They are affectionate, caring but also we can live without them to survive so it is due to all this reasons that I think we must take care of them. They are one among the family and form a strong bond with us.

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